About Regis

We are a talent development and design firm passionate about solving problems. Through practices based in neuroscience, we get to the root of problems by understanding, changing and analyzing mental models. Why Regis?

  • We develop authentic and compassionate relationships with our clients that lead to a deep understanding of their unique needs (culture, industry and role).
  • We are a design-centered organization, meaning we place users at the heart of every decision to create programs that simulate the environment of our users—relevant, immersive and empathetic to help shift mental models.
  • We have powerful and flexible tools (platform and practices) that enable emotionally engaging and educationally rigorous simulations to teach how to think, not what to think.  We bring innovative approaches to assessment and analytics that are unparalleled in our industry.
  • We foster a creative, authentic, and open team environment where every consultant can bring their whole self to work, grow, and make a difference.

Leadership Team

Michael Vaughan, Managing Director & CEO
Michael Kester, Managing Director & CFO
Kevin Himmel, Managing Director & COO
Doug Anders, Vice President
Ellen Hartman, Vice President of Client Services
John Thomas, Vice President

Our core values drive us

  • Accountability & Integrity: We believe in what we do, and we are honest about what we can do for our clients.
  • Community: We genuinely care for one another’s success and growth.
  • Innovation: We embrace that change is constant, accelerating, and invigorating.
  • Client Partnerships: We experience success when our clients trust us to partner on their most strategic initiatives.

At The Regis Company, we set high standards for ourselves and what we can achieve with our clients. This can-do attitude, plus the relationships we build working alongside our clients, sets us apart. Our clients often regard our senior advisors as integral members of their decision-making teams, talking with them regularly for guidance and perspectives on organizational strategies. With our fundamental understanding of each client’s objectives, a demonstrated trust, a shared vision of success, and a history of producing impressive results, it’s no wonder that many of our clients return to us time and again for their leadership development.

Points of Contact

Rohit Shyam
Rohit Shyam, Program Director
Eric Van Buskirk, Program Director, The Regis Company
Eric Van Buskirk, Program Director
Joel Janov, Program Director, The Regis Company
Joel Janov, Program Director
Sowmya Sudhindranath, Program Director, The Regis Company
Sowmya Sudhindranath, Program Director
Joe Varela, Program Director, The Regis Company
Joe Varela, Program Director
Lee Krieger, Program Director, The Regis Company
Lee Krieger, Program Director
Grace Chang, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer
D Miller
Dianne Miller, Director of Design Services
Bethany Kemp, Sales Operations and Marketing
Bill Martin, VP, Northeastern U.S. Region, The Regis Company
Bill Martin, VP, Northeastern U.S. Region
Daniel R. Riis, VP, Midwestern U.S. Region, The Regis Company
Daniel R. Riis, VP, Midwestern U.S. Region
marshall headshot2
Marshall Bergmann, VP, New York Region
Ian Johnston, VP, West Coast Region
Richard Kelly, VP, Australia


In the past decade we’ve attracted professionals from diverse backgrounds. We’ve been entrepreneurs, part of Fortune 100 companies, business owners, and public servants. Our strength lies in the fact that we’re familiar with the inner workings of a huge spectrum of organizations—and can bring the best ideas we’ve encountered to your enterprise. A flat organizational structure encourages collaboration within our company and in our client partnerships. You’ll find us as engaged in your leadership development process as you are.

Our independent thinkers—from your primary contact to technical experts—are proud of the work they perform. Because we’re all an integral part of a problem-solving team, your business becomes our passion.

Every one of our success stories started with a conversation. Begin yours now.


We are always looking for people driven by excellence. Join us.