Advanced Learning Intelligence

"The simulation proved to be a key accelerator to advance several internal initiatives regarding client service enhancement, margin improvement and people development. We began seeing positive impact in all three spheres of influence immediately upon our executives' return to their clients the following Monday.”

At Regis, we want more than positive smile sheets. We want to show you how your solutions made an impact on the individual, the learning organization, and the business organization overall. Our Advanced Learning IntelligenceTM practice leverages advanced analytics and custom assessments to focus your learning programs on the specific areas that will grow your people and optimize your business.


Assess your participants’ thinking prior to and following a learning experience. Use those results to home in on exactly what that individual learned and what his or her experience should include going forward.

Learning Organization

Determine whether participants apply what they learned to their work. This level of understanding allows you to focus future investments and resources precisely where they’re needed.

Business Organization

Provide insights into how participants are approaching real-world challenges by overlaying simulation data on organizational data.

Andy Tanner, Chief Analytics Officer

Advance Learning Intelligence

  • Enhance traditional measurement activities (e.g. interviews, evaluations, surveys) with automation and analytics
  • Connect learning and behavioral change to filed impact and business metrics
  • Establish the foundational operational components for running analytics as part of your function