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Divergence Before Convergence for Experiential Learning

By Dianne Miller and Emily Ricci | 24 April 2017

Divergence Before Convergence: Patience pays for leadership development consulting firms. The ability to quickly and creatively generate a solution is critical to any leadership development consultant’s success. But there’s a natural human inclination to reach a consensus that can lead even the best leadership programs down the path of least resistance, especially under time pressures.…

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Better Business Simulations through Design Thinking: Create Empathy for Users

By Dianne Miller and Emily Ricci | 21 April 2017

Following on our last post, let’s dive a bit deeper into the first rule of Design Thinking: Create empathy for many users. Understand the experience that participants have as they encounter and address the challenge at hand on a purely human level. Focus on Experience + Outcomes We’ve seen many business simulations and other leadership…

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Design Thinking for Better Business Simulations

By Dianne Miller and Emily Ricci | 14 April 2017

Design thinking is a hot topic in the world of learning and talent development. As it continues to gain popularity, many top leadership programs are jumping on the bandwagon and proclaiming that they employ design thinking in their learning, development, and business simulations. But simply declaring yourself a “design thinker” or leading teams through rote…

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Four Cognitive Conditions for Effective Leadership Training

By Mike Vaughan | 07 April 2017

A great set of guidelines for effective leadership training is The Neural Coding System – a design framework consisting of four cognitive conditions that create an optimal environment for experiential learning. It is not a step-by-step methodology or series of discrete events. Rather, it is an interconnected system of mental conditions that are created through the…

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Rethinking Learning Design for More Effective Simulation Training

By Mike Vaughan | 31 March 2017

The professional instructional design community is typically at the forefront of learning innovation. But, even within this community of experts, human nature prevails and leaders fall into the familiar “teach to the objective” approach. Many organizations, including those specializing in corporate development training, have jumped onto the technology and gamification bandwagon, adding badges, gifting, virtual…

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