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Putting the Smile Back in Learning and Development Program Measurement

By Andy Tanner | 23 June 2017

As learning and development consultants, we all desire more from our measurement data, but continue to be underwhelmed by the results. Why is that? Is it the type of data we are capturing? Or the way we are capturing it? Possibly the way we are analyzing it? Or even our inability to effectively apply the…

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training and professional development

Can Training and Professional Development Drive Bottom Line Results?

By John Wells | 21 June 2017

A great deal of training and professional development does not even purport to affect bottom-line results. Many corporate education efforts have been focused primarily on culture with the goal of giving employees a common language or approach. They are focused on touching as many people as possible, usually on a very superficial basis. Participants then…

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training and professional development

Training and Professional Development in a Post-Meltdown World

By John Wells | 18 June 2017

The 2008 global economic meltdown was a watershed event that has transformed the corporate landscape and from which no country, company or corporate function (and few individuals) emerged unscathed. This includes training and professional development. Governments encountered crisis, entire industries (such as corporate finance, banking, real estate, insurance and automotive) have been rattled and pillars…

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brain science and effective leadership training

Five Ways That Brain Science Can Contribute to Effective Leadership Training

By Mike Vaughan | 11 June 2017

David Rock, editor of the NeuroLeadership Journal, has said that by better understanding the brain, leaders can align the way they work with the brain’s affinity to create a more productive and successful experience. The following neural leadership insights, when incorporated into leadership and management training programs could inspire leaders to develop their own “neural…

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leadership and management training

When It Comes To Leadership and Management Training, Your Brain Can Only Take So Much

By Mike Vaughan | 02 June 2017

Don’t go out and buy a new day planner or learn a five-step decision-making process — they won’t work. If they did, we would all be much more effective and fulfilled. OK, that might be a bit absolute, but the truth is that to improve our thinking abilities and drive better results from leadership and…

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Effective Leadership Training Means Rethinking Assessment

By Mike Vaughan | 27 May 2017

Dr. Paul Camp, a professor at Georgia Institute of Technology, who for more than thirty years has been studying the ways we learn, describes the shortfalls of most leadership training assessment programs using a “U-Shaped” development curve. The notion that performance always improves with time, that the more you learn, the more you know and the more…

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Taking the Road Less Traveled: Applying Socrates’ Insight to Professional Development Training Programs

By Mike Vaughan | 22 May 2017

Socrates was sitting outside the gates of Athens when a man came up to him and said, “I am thinking about moving into Athens. Can you please tell me what it is like to live here?” Socrates replied, “I would be happy to tell you, but first would you please tell me what it was…

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Play, Learn, Repeat – How Business Simulations ‘Predict’

By Marshall Bergmann | 18 May 2017

In the film Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise must save the world from total annihilation yet again. He is completely overmatched by his enemies, an alien race set on destroying the earth that has better weapons, better technology, and brighter minds. This time around Tom Cruise’s character can’t rely on his ability to shoot a…

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Learn How to Think Not What to Think for Effective Training and Professional Development

By Mike Vaughan | 13 May 2017

Starting at an early age, the accepted standard both of teaching and learning focuses on what to think. In some cases, this approach proves sufficient and even appropriate. But it can fail spectacularly in the complex environments of today’s business world, particularly in training and professional development programs. In these complex systems, learning how to…

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Co-creation for Effective Leadership Training

By Dianne Miller and Emily Ricci | 06 May 2017

To conclude our series of posts on design thinking for more effective leadership training, we’ll dive a bit deeper into the fourth rule of design thinking: co-create to reach a shared vision. Co-creating, or working side by side with client teams in design thinking sessions, means we create experiential learning activities as a cohesive group.…

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