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Corporate Leadership Training and Sales Teams

By Bethany Kemp | 16 May 2018

Sales training and corporate leadership training have come a long way. Or have they? Many of The Regis Company’s clients have a need to equip their sales teams with the tools to help them sell more effectively. In an age of digital assessment, mobile learning, virtual classrooms, and remote employees, how should companies approach learning and…

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business simulations

Using Business Simulations to Avoid The Peter Principle

By Mike Kester | 30 April 2018

If your organization struggles to promote the right people into management roles, you aren’t alone. The Peter Principle, coined by educator Laurence J. Peter in the late 1960s, explains the tendency of organizations to select leaders based on their performance in previous roles rather than the skills needed for the intended role. As a result,…

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learning and development training

Learning and Development Training: The Case for “Delight”-enment

By Emily Ricci | 07 April 2018

    Learning effectiveness: Repetition or delight? Training Industry Report shows U.S. corporate leadership training expenditures rising to $90.6 billion in 2017. That’s a staggering amount invested in efforts to shift employee behaviors, change mindsets, and ultimately improve performance. When training is complete, learners have to face the formidable forgetting curve or sacrifice their newly…

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effective leadership training

Effective Leadership Training In The Real World

By Mike Vaughan | 30 March 2018

Designing effective leadership development simulations through new technologies and methodologies is paramount to the mission my colleagues and I want to accomplish through our business simulations: developing skills for business leadership to create great leaders. Yet these technologies and methodologies are not enough to sustain our mission. What we do needs to be something that can…

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How Business Performance Analytics Create a Safer World

By Mike Vaughan | 28 March 2018

As my colleagues and I continuously work towards our goal of developing business performance analytics that enable employees to learn new ways of approaching their daily challenges, we often create new technologies and methodologies for developing skills for business leadership. Our goal has always been to develop new ways of thinking that could be applied to…

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executive leadership development

Corporate Leadership Training & Core Thinking Practice

By Mike Vaughan | 26 March 2018

An organization’s success in corporate leadership training is largely due to the quality of the people it hires and grows. This is by no means a new concept; people have always been critical parts of an organization’s success. But this success increasingly depends on more than whether individuals can achieve the tasks in their job description.…

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Leadership Development Simulations Challenge Labels

By Mike Vaughan | 23 March 2018

In recent posts, I’ve covered the first three cognitive conditions used in leadership development simulations to produce self-generated insights. In this post, I’ll discuss the final cognitive condition, surfacing limiting beliefs. I once met with a Vice President of Operations for a global retail company. We discussed the value of various instruments used to surface limiting…

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Can Training Simulation Software Activate Core Beliefs?

By Mike Vaughan | 20 March 2018

In recent posts, I’ve covered the first two of the four cognitive conditions used by training simulation software to produce self-generated insights. While these focused on priming, an implicit memory effect in which exposure to a stimulus prepares an individual for a later stimulus, the last two conditions focus on encoding. Neural encoding refers to the connections…

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effective leadership training

Use Leadership Development Firms for Internal Growth

By Mike Vaughan | 16 March 2018

In a previous blog post, our very own Zachary Schreiner highlighted the importance of the mental models used by leadership development firms. As a refresher, mental models are a person’s unique thought processes that shape their behavior as well as their approach to solving problems. Engaging mental models is the second of four cognitive conditions…

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Learning and Development Consulting Firms Create Tension

By Mike Vaughan | 09 March 2018

In my last post, I introduced the concept of four cognitive conditions in leadership development training that lead to self-generated insights. The first two conditions (create optimal tension and engage mental models) prime an individual for the best leadership development program results. Priming is an implicit memory effect in which exposure to a stimulus prepares…

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