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Effective Leadership Training Comes From Within

By Mike Vaughan | 16 March 2018

In a previous blog post, our very own Zachary Schreiner highlighted the importance of mental models in effective leadership training. As a refresher, mental models are a person’s unique thought processes that shape their behavior as well as their approach to solving problems. Engaging mental models is the second of four cognitive conditions that lead…

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Learning and Development Consulting Firms Create Tension

By Mike Vaughan | 09 March 2018

In my last post, I introduced the concept of four cognitive conditions in leadership development training that lead to self-generated insights. The first two conditions (create optimal tension and engage mental models) prime an individual for the best leadership development program results. Priming is an implicit memory effect in which exposure to a stimulus prepares…

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The Insights Leadership Consulting Companies Really Want

By Mike Vaughan | 07 March 2018

My colleagues and I have spent a considerable amount of time and resources rethinking traditional corporate leadership training principles and evaluating assessment techniques used in professional development training programs. As a result, we created the Neural Coding System (NCS). The NCS is a design framework that consists of four cognitive conditions that create the best…

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Corporate Leadership Training Relies on Transfer

By Mike Vaughan | 25 February 2018

We are wired to learn, yet most people are not great learners. But it’s not entirely their fault. Most of the current methods used in executive leadership development are based on old patterns of thought and have done little to prepare people with the necessary abilities to adapt. Leadership development consultants creating custom learning designs,…

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Leadership Development Assessment That Moves Learning Forward

By Mike Vaughan | 23 February 2018

There are three assessment techniques leadership consulting companies use during simulation training that can be used to determine participants’ progress throughout the experiential learning process. In this post, I’ll discuss each technique and how it is used to provide feedback in specific areas along the leadership development process.   Cognitive analysis examines a business simulation participant’s…

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effective leadership training

Optimal Assessment & Your Leadership Consulting Company

By Mike Vaughan | 16 February 2018

In my last post, I described how the “U-shaped” development curve applies to effective leadership training. We have observed this learning curve in our simulations. Individuals may exhibit confidence in their actions in the first round when a  situation they are faced with solving is relatively straightforward. Then, as we provide new information and present…

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Corporate Leadership Training – A Long and Winding Road

By Mike Vaughan | 14 February 2018

An important concept to consider when developing learning and development training programs is the process through which we retain new information. Learners go through various peaks and valleys as they accumulate and implement knowledge. A peak occurs when someone “gets it,”develops clarity and can easily retrieve needed information or demonstrate a skill. We often see…

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Leadership Development Training Programs Aren’t Natural

By Mike Vaughan | 09 February 2018

In my last post, I touched on the brain’s ability to adapt based on an individual’s experiences. Daniel Coyle, the author of The Talent Code, believes that talent—from skateboarding to music—is not inherent or “born” into a person; it is created. He describes the importance to the body of myelin, an insulator that surrounds nerve…

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effective leadership training

How Our Brains Make Effective Leadership Training Possible

By Mike Vaughan | 02 February 2018

Not too long ago, a unique book hit the shelves that gave a glimpse into the potential to change behavior through effective leadership training. As a 96-year-old, James Henry was illiterate. Over the course of his life, the career fisherman had managed to navigate through a written, word-heavy world by using tricks. When eating out,…

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Case Study – Driving Collaboration and Elevating Business Acumen

By Mike Vaughan | 26 January 2018

Several years ago, my colleagues and I were asked to design a business simulation based learning and development training program for a multinational package delivery and supply chain management company. The client was planning to restructure its U.S. Package Operations Department by consolidating 46 districts into 20, a change that would significantly affect the company’s…

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