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Advice for Leadership Development Consultants From…Matisse?

By Marshall Bergmann | 14 December 2017

Over the past several years, the Regis team of leadership development consultants has spent a lot of time helping leaders of global organizations become more innovative. One of our favorite tools in the creative problem-solving process is the use of “Post It” notes. Post-it Notes are powerful because they let people release ideas into the…

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Innovation’s Role in Learning and Development Training

By Mike Vaughan | 10 December 2017

In my last post, I touched on the important role of critical thinking, particularly in the context of maximizing the effectiveness and output of learning and development training. But critical thinking is only part of the equation. Creative thinking, especially when the desired outcome is a revolutionary or entirely new mental model, is an equally…

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For More Effective Leadership Training, Summon Your Inner Child

By Mike Vaughan | 09 December 2017

In previous posts, I’ve described Core Abilities that shape effective leadership training, including critical thinking. Two of the most prominent researchers and educators in the area of critical thinking are Richard Paul and Linda Elder. In their book Critical Thinking: Tools for Taking Charge of Your Professional and Personal Life, they describe a critical thinker…

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What’s the Coolest Learning and Talent Development Innovation You’ve Seen Recently?

By Marshall Bergmann | 01 December 2017

It was the beginning of the third futurecasting event sponsored by our new organization Talent Development 2025.  Stavros, our facilitator, was kicking off the session.  He had just completed introducing our mission: ”Co-create the future of talent development today” Then he asked one of those softball questions that we as learning and development consultants use…

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Do Training and Professional Development Programs Focus Enough on Critical Thinking?

By Mike Vaughan | 29 November 2017

According to a 1997 report from Idaho, thousands of American deaths have been attributed to the chemical compound dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO), mainly through accidental ingestion. The substance can cause severe burns, other unpleasant side effects, and “for those who have developed a dependency on DHMO, complete withdrawal means certain death.” A 14-year-old student passed copies…

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business simulations

Business Simulations for More Purposeful Thinking

By Mike Vaughan | 24 November 2017

About ten years ago, my colleagues and I realized that our challenge as learning and development consultants was to develop a technology that would allow us to model the complexities and the noise that reflects the reality of today’s organizations. After extensive research, we went down the path of business simulations and training simulation software.…

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Get in the Game. Tap Learning and Development Training Programs to Develop True Business Acumen.

By Anthony Boyd | 22 November 2017

Business acumen is one of those buzzwords that most people say they understand, but very few can concisely describe. In fact, I would be willing to bet that when you read the title, you may have thought, “Huh, actually, I don’t exactly know what developing business acumen means.” This is a common response as we…

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effective leadership training

Effective Leadership Training Turns Change Into Opportunity in the Healthcare Industry

By Tim Reeves | 17 November 2017

As I discussed in my last post, The Regis Company’s partners in the healthcare space are faced with a changing landscape that presents unique, unexpected challenges, primarily driven by the ripple effects of the Affordable Health Care Act. We have enjoyed developing effective leadership training programs that turn these challenges into opportunities for our clients…

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Mapping Impact for More Effective Leadership Training

By Mike Vaughan | 15 November 2017

About five years ago, my colleagues and I at The Regis Company created a process called impact mapping to drive more effective leadership development consulting techniques and help employees at all levels see and understand the big picture of the organization. We discovered that unless individuals and teams see the big picture and understand how the…

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Case Study: Embracing a Changing Industry Through Effective Leadership Training

By Tim Reeves | 10 November 2017

Anyone who has paid even the slightest attention to recent news knows that the US life sciences and healthcare ecosystem is undergoing massive change driven by the ripple effects of the Affordable Health Care Act. In the simplest of terms, the industry is undergoing a restructuring from a supplier dominated system to a patient-centric system.…

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