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effective leadership training

Capacity to Decide: Addressing a Global Problem with Effective Leadership Training

By Mike Vaughan | 20 August 2017

The Impact of Poor Thinking is not a challenge reserved for a few struggling companies to be addressed simply with effective leadership training; it is a challenge faced by individuals and organizations globally. The Millennium Project is an undertaking that began in 1996 with the goal to create a global collective intelligence system to improve…

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effective leadership training

Effective Leadership Training Foundations: Uncovering Mental Models

By Zachary Schreiner | 17 August 2017

Creating effective leadership training is rarely accomplished by identifying a single problem and solving for it.  More often than not, a single point solution is the seed from which future issues grow.  The best leadership programs address issues in a holistic way.  They seek to identify limiting mental models within an organization and create a…

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effective leadership development

Cut Through the Noise. Effective Leadership Development Begins With a New Way of Thinking.

By Mike Vaughan | 13 August 2017

More than fifty years ago, author Kurt Vonnegut published a short story called “Harrison Bergeron,” which was set in a future world that mandated all people be equal in talent, intelligence, and appearance. Those who were considered average remained as they were, but those who had any exceptional abilities were forced to wear handicaps to…

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It’s Alive! Creating Brain Friendly Learning Experiences Leads to More Effective Leadership Development Training Programs

By Marshall Bergmann and Grace Chang, Ph.D. | 10 August 2017

According to PwC’s 2017 CEO survey, the following skills were identified as both critical to the success of the business yet difficult to find:  Problem-solving, leadership, creativity and innovation, and adaptability. In our roles at The Regis Company, we work with leading organizations to help develop these critical skills in their employees, and we’ve learned…

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effective leadership training

Scrum What?? How Agile Development Leads to More Effective Leadership Training

By Anthony Boyd | 04 August 2017

Agile development is a huge buzz word among forward thinking companies today. Many of our customers have probably heard Regis use weird terms such as Scrum Master or Product Owner to describe different roles within the company. And, more than most traditional companies, project managers frequently reference the “I’ll need to check with my team”…

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leadership development training

Leadership Development Training Starts on Day One. Rethinking the New Hire Onboarding Process.

By Christine Rasch-Chabot | 02 August 2017

A question I often ask friends and colleagues is “What do you remember most about your first day at your job?” I enjoy asking this question not only because I am an onboarding facilitator turned leadership development training consultant, but because the responses are vivid and genuine. For better or worse, the first day at…

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benefits of experiential learning

Sorry, Gameophobes. More Evidence Supporting the Benefits of Experiential Learning.

By Marshall Bergmann | 31 July 2017

It has been over five years since I challenged the audience at TEDx Gramercy to bring games, or experiential learning, into their lives to transform the way they teach and learn and to put an end to the reign of the #Gameophobes. Two years later I posted an update on the topic called the Demise…

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experiential learning

Benefits of Experiential Learning: Is Your Program Cloth or Lace?

By Linda Schneider | 31 July 2017

Experiential learning programs come in a variety of formats and sizes, with many falling into the “what-to-think” domain, imparting basic, foundational, or even procedural knowledge. These simulation training programs go a giant step further by teaching learners “how to think” by doing and applying through realistic activities. You might say, “So what?” But if you…

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Metrics to Intelligence – Measuring ROI on Leadership Development Training Programs

By Andy Tanner | 24 July 2017

Well, the Big Data evolution continues, yet many organizations I speak with feel like they are moving even further away from their learning and talent measurement goals. We generate a lot of data, and usually have good intentions of using it, but are we really getting value from our leadership development training programs? These might…

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Corporate Development Training

Entrepreneurship in the Corporate Development Training Space – A Psychological Roller Coaster

By Mike Vaughan | 20 July 2017

My first pitch to venture capitalists was memorable. My business partner and I rented a dumpy California hotel room for a month. We lined up as many meetings as we could manage. Every night, we stayed up late refining our presentation and honing our message around our well-differentiated corporate development training platform. Toward the end…

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