We create simulation training programs that make an impact quickly. Our approach is centered on understanding, changing, and analyzing mental models.

Mental Models

We apply a rigorous human-centered design approach to understand current state and desired state mental models.

Mental Models

We create advanced experiential programs that change mental models that lead to behavior change.

Mental Models

We measure the impact of learning and drive business results by applying advanced analytics to the data we collect through the SimGateTM platform.

We apply rigorous processes to understand current state and desired state mental models.

We uncover behavioral preferences and cognitive barriers (e.g., bias, beliefs, perspectives) that hinder improvement.

We conduct research to evaluate learning and curriculum effectiveness against business objectives. Lastly, we apply the latest advances in cognitive sciences to guide our design thinking.

We challenge limited thinking through experiential training programs that change behavior.


  • We create custom simulation training programs that challenge participants to make decisions and address the strategic challenges of their role and their organization.



  • We develop mental model simulation instruments to assess the effectiveness of individual and team thinking.


By analyzing our simulations, assessments, and organizational data we can assess mental model change, target future interventions and investments and identify behavioral factors that may disrupt business strategy.


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