SimGate is our cloud-hosted web-based platform. We created SimGate to develop, deploy, and manage immersive classroom and large event simulations, online asynchronous simulations, assessment instruments, pre-work, and virtual reinforcement. SimGate provides rich learning environments while simplifying logistics, reducing deployment costs, and enabling data capture for analytics, reporting, and competition/gamification.

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  • SimGate enables rich learning experiences that teach people how to think while simplifying logistics, reducing costs, and allowing facilitators to focus on the highest value areas for learning.

  • SimGate is fully scalable and integrates custom storylines, data, market dynamics, and challenges into a seamless experience for participants.

  • SimGate includes an extensive instructor dashboard and reporting tools designed for ease of administration and facilitation.

  • SimGate is mobile-enabled and provides social media collaboration tools.

SimGate Platform Features

Realistic Tasks and Communications

Realistic business decisions and communications—scenario-based decisions, planning and calendaring decisions, conversations and e-mail dialogue with peers and stakeholders, procedural decisions, etc.—can be incorporated in a storyline quickly.

Administrator Tools

Client facilitators or administrators can set up simulation sessions, monitor participant progress, provide feedback and scoring, launch communication to participants, introduce interruption or distracters, and use “wait states” to gauge student progress.

Analytics and Reporting

SimGate captures an extensive amount of participant data that can be used to drive competition and engagement, give facilitators insights about where to focus their debriefs, or be analyzed extensively to generate valuable insights about participants.

Competition and Collaboration

Business simulations can be developed to emulate the competition and collaboration of the real world to enhance realism, drive emotional engagement and teach challenging lessons.

Single and Multi-Player

SimGate simulations can be designed for individuals or teams. Multi-player simulations can be structured for competition or for ollaboration with various roles and responsibilities assigned across each team.

Responsive Modeling

SimGate can incorporate a range of sophisicated modeling technologies—from spreadsheets to system dynamics—as the engine for powerful business simulations that provide realistic results and outcomes.


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