Why Regis


Specifically, neural pathways.

Complex neural pathways, or mental models:

  • Define how we think, react, and respond
  • Define our behavior, character, and relationships
  • Can limit an individual’s performance if incomplete or flawed

To build programs that create great thinkers and leaders required us to rethink everything. As a result, we have created:

  • An entirely new design approach based on design thinking—our Design Studies have become the hallmark of our programs. They're intense, but our clients find them to be of the highest value in gaining executive support and establishing alignment, thereby ensuring that we build the right thing right.


  • An entirely new development approached based on Agile—there is so much waste, inefficiencies, and missed opportunities in typical training processes. Our approach is based on transparency, sprints (faster turnarounds), building quality throughout, and rapid prototyping. Our clients say they were nervous at first to use a new process, but now they can’t imagine doing it any other way.


  • An entirely new simulation platform based on the latest technology.  SimGate™ is Regis’s globally accessible web-based platform used to develop, deploy, and administer simulations and assessments, and capture data.


  • An entirely new approach to measurement.  Our focus is on mental model changes. We examine changes in thinking and behavior and ultimately how these changes translate into on-the-job performance.


We are always looking for people driven by excellence. Join us.