Leadership Development Assessments

Advanced Learning Intelligence

Our Advanced Learning IntelligenceTM practice leverages advanced analytics and custom leadership development assessments to generate valuable insights about your people and your organization. We developed an entirely new approach to measurement that looks at both behavior and the thinking that drives behavior. Our assessments provide perspective about strategic alignment, individual biases, and content knowledge and mastery.


A mental model is a complex neural representation of our world. Mental models define how we think, react, and respond to complex situations. Our mental model assessments examine alignment or misalignment within teams and across organizations and reveal flawed or incomplete mental models.

Bias / Preference

Our bias / preference assessments determine preferences and biases related to business thinking and behavior in specific situations. This assessment makes people aware of the impact their natural inclinations have on relationships and decision making. We often use this assessment as a priming tool before simulations and debriefs to encourage deeper thinking and reflection.

Content Knowledge

We leverage the latest neuroscience research related to memory and learning to provide a spectrum of content knowledge assessments. We use these assessments as learning tools, to reinforce learned information, and to efficiently prescribe custom learning paths.


Assessments and Analytics