The Regis Company has put together some of the most informative articles from the week covering various aspects of learning and development training.  This week, we’ve rounded up articles on everything from talent acquisition and onboarding to the role of empathy in organizational change.

From Susan Peppercorn: Starting a New Job? Take Control of Your Onboarding

“With a little planning and forethought, you can take control of your onboarding to accelerate your learning curve and build the type of lasting relationships that can facilitate your success.”

From Rocio Villasenor: The Leadership Development Millenials Want and Need

“Learning and development training programs need to be reinvented to adapt to transformational business needs. Companies must become transformation leaders and excel on three fronts: building organizational agility, delivering programs that put learners at the center and partnering in new ways with stakeholders across the business.”

From Laura Dixon: Talent10x: The Lonely Role of Talent Acquisition

“Sean Bisceglia, four-time CEO and operating partner at Sterling Partners Education Opportunity Fund, talks about his Talent25 group of talent acquisition specialists and his advice for others in this role.”

From Sharon Steed: Is Empathy Key to Successful Change Initiatives?

“When you are trying to implement organizational change, people may be justifiably concerned. They ask: What do these changes mean really? Will there be cuts or reallocations as a result of this change? Is my job safe?

Whispered conversations from a worried workforce become the norm, and productivity wanes as everyone wonders why. So how do you as a change agent put your company in a better position to succeed? You want to make sure that you approach this change with communication steeped in empathy.”

From Chris Browning: Avoid These 5 Mentoring Program Mistakes

“Mentoring is a go-to solution for many companies, and for good reason. It can help people advance their careers, build critical skills, and improve interpersonal effectiveness. Mentoring can also affect core organizational measures such as employee engagement, retention, and speed to productivity.”

We would love to hear your comments about how these topics have impacted the learning and development training that takes place in your organization.