The Regis Company uses a unique, design thinking-based methodology that identifies and explores real business problems, defines the gap between an organization’s current and desired state, and provides teams with a shared vision for learning programs that drive tangible results.

Design Methodology for Today’s Challenges

The Regis Company’s design methodology challenges the way organizations identify, articulate and address their leaders’ performance outcomes. We unite business stakeholders, learning and development leaders, and program participants and deliberately leverage their unique points of view to help uncover what’s driving current outcomes. The result is human-centered learning programs that transform thinking, grow leaders, and generate measurable impact.

Leading Development

with Design

Design thinking is more than a buzzword or a unique way to brainstorm—it offers progressive organizations a scientific method for solving complex problems.

The Regis Company’s design methodology anchors on four key principles to create experiential, relevant and user-centric solutions:


Taking a human-centered approach to design means The Regis Company solutions are relevant, realistic and well-received. Through a variety of techniques, we push beyond yesterday’s brainstorming, whiteboarding and “blue-sky” sessions and enable teams to understand the diverse experiences, biases, and mental models that inform a leader’s thinking. We focus on an end goal of providing multiple personas a voice in the design process and end solution.


Making decisions – like how to design a leadership development program – is hard work, so naturally we humans seek to quickly resolve challenges and move beyond them. But in design, this desire often leads to adopting the most obvious design solution instead of the best one. The Regis Company’s design methodology and “divergence before convergence” approach deliberately create space for rich dialogue, diverse points of view, and more innovative, impactful ideas.


It’s common for other learning and development firms to begin by designing the solution first. But The Regis Company believes that in order to create a successful outcome, you have to first focus on uncovering the problems driving current results. After exposure to our design methodology, our clients frequently realize their challenges are different or more complex than they originally believed. This discovery allows them to get to the bottom of the real issue at hand. That’s the kind of problem-solving that excites our team.


When project stakeholders work side by side, they learn and make real-time decisions as a cohesive, aligned group. The Regis Company believes in co-creating with our clients to reach a shared vision of program outcomes, avoid costly and time-eroding misunderstandings, and to ensure everyone is passionate about the end result.


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