Flexible Delivery Formats

We give you the power to choose:

where you learn, how you collaborate, and what program length works for you.

We see training as a partnership. That’s why we work to deliver tailored content and learning activities in the most convenient, effective, and budget-friendly way. Here’s why our flexible solutions will fit your company like a glove.

You choose where you’ll learn.


We can deliver the industry’s richest learning experience 100% virtually in the SimGate™ learning platform.

Virtual Learning Spotlight

Reaching learners where they are with VILT

Whether on Zoom, GoTo Meetings, or MS Teams, our virtual instructor-led training pairs learners with expert facilitators who arm participants with new tools, techniques, and thinking patterns for success at work. Learners collaborate with one another in a variety of knowledge- and skill-building activities, as well as practice individual reflections and action planning.


We’ll help you facilitate live learning to enhance collaboration and communication dynamics.

Live Learning Spotlight

Hold dynamic classroom conversations with Teach & Debrief sessions.

In an amped up lecture format, learners contribute to guided conversations on targeted content and learning outcomes. This activity is often used after a complex training activity to allow learners to unpack and explore their experiences as they observe the impact of their decisions.


In a balance of live and virtual learning, we offer learners the best of both worlds.

Blended Learning Spotlight

Simulations that happen online and on-site give learning an adrenaline rush.

Our signature simulations bring cutting-edge learning to any context. Whether online or in person, we’ll introduce realistic problems that learners must process and solve – in spite of changing dynamics along the way.

You choose who learns together.

Team Learning

Enhancing learning with collaboration

The power of team-based learning experiences lies in mirroring the real world, where we must work with others to solve problems. Working in teams can expose tensions, differences in working styles, and challenges in communication; it also provides great practice for strengthening interpersonal relationships and communicating with empathy.

Individual Learning

Improving solo performance

Individual learning is a part of every learning experience. From assessments to reflection activities and action-planning, learners must complete some aspects of training alone to build accountability and self-awareness.

You choose how much time you have to learn.

Our solutions come in all sizes.

Based on your needs, we can design learning experiences as brief as a day or as robust as a year-long growth journey.

Learning Journey Spotlight

A guided transformation for enduring results

These are the most powerful of all learning experiences. In a blended journey that spans weeks or months, we combine a tailored variety of experiential activities with eLearning and just-in-time learning.

Let’s make simulations a reality for your business.


Choose the right solution for your business goals.
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