Dr. Grace Chang

Dr. Grace Chang is a cognitive neuroscientist focused on applying research to the business world. As Chief Scientific Officer for The Regis Company, she is driving initiatives in learning and assessment to enhance their neuroscience-based business solutions.

After receiving her B.S. from Duke University and gaining consulting experience at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), she received her Ph.D. from UCLA. As a neuroscience researcher, Dr. Chang conducted a variety of learning and memory studies examining these processes at different levels.

She also conducted assessment research for the National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, & Student Testing (CRESST) at UCLA. Her research has been published in several respected peer-reviewed journals and received competitive funding.

Dr. Chang has extensive teaching/lecturing experience. She taught behavioral neuroscience as a Lecturer at UCLA and has been teaching post-graduate and Masters level NeuroLeadership courses for training and management professionals around the world as Lead Professor for the NeuroLeadership Institute. She has also delivered neuroscience-based lectures at a variety of learning, leadership, and development conferences.