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Learning Programs

The Regis Company creates engaging and immersive leadership development experiences that leaders of every level can translate to real-life challenges.



Whether your leaders need more strategic thinking, interpersonal development, or something in between, The Regis Company will partner with your organization to create a compelling solution that meets your unique business needs.

Traditional methods of instruction don’t reflect the realities of the modern workplace.

Today’s leaders must be able to tackle complex interpersonal and business challenges under ambiguous circumstances. The Regis Company tailors every solution to align with each client’s challenges and objectives. We rely on decades of shared expertise to teach current and emerging leaders how to think, react, and win. Our hands-on experiential programs, proprietary software, and tailorable solutions pair online and offline content to create the type of development experience your leaders need. With more than 20 leadership development methods that can be applied in custom combinations, we create personalized, lasting learning experiences for your leaders.

Design Sprints

take a methodical approach to problem solving that gets to the root cause of a specific business challenge and enables structured ideation.

Design Workshops

train organization leaders to use the design thinking techniques that foster shared vision, creative thinking, and lasting change.

Curriculum Reviews

use a structured framework and expert instructors to evaluate an existing training program, ensuring it meets standards, serves learners, and aligns with objectives.

Action Learning

uses in-person facilitation to teach teams how to apply innovative problem-solving techniques to real-world business challenges.

Scenario Planning

helps leaders prepare for complex and uncertain market conditions by allowing them to see beyond a predictable future.

Single-Person Simulations

use The Regis Company’s proprietary SimGate™ online platform to transform static content into an immersive, problem-based learning event.

Virtual Team-Based Simulations

use the SimGate™ platform to present collaborative simulations on the web, enabling colleagues to work and learn together regardless of location.

Team-Based Simulations

unite colleagues in real-time and in-person using realistic scenarios, team-based problem-solving techniques, and emotional engagement.

Board Simulations

incorporate challenges facing an organization into a thought-provoking tabletop game, similar to Monopoly or Risk, for a hands-on experience for tactile learners.

Corporate Actors and Improv

enlists improv troupes and comedians to disarm program skeptics, captivate learners, and ignite “left brain” creativity.


offers a facilitated, in-person program focused on helping leaders strategize and win in the marketplace.

Wellness and Vitality

ensures team members are operating at their best, including mindfulness training, guided self-reflection, and practical tips for maintaining health on the road.

Learning Measurement

starts with The Regis Company’s Advanced Learning Intelligence (ALI™), a proprietary framework that employs advanced analytics to track learning outcomes.

Talent Management

uses ALI™ to align talent to the positions best suited for their skills and provide data-driven recommendations for succession strategies within an organization.

Bias Assessments

help you get to the core of your team’s subconscious preferences and determine how their aggregate tendencies influence decision making and behavior.

Mental Model Assessments

uncover the gaps between how individual team members think compared to the mindsets of top performers in your organization.

Knowledge and Skills Assessments

result in a variety of data-driven, actionable reports, including performance dashboards designed for the learning organization and business leaders.

Executive Coaching Programs

are built to suit a high-performing individual’s strengths and weakness and accelerate growth for leaders at the helm of your business.

Train-the-Trainer (TtT) Programs

prepare team members to successfully lead or co-facilitate leadership programs, manage process facilitation, or provide on-site support during a learning event.



Provide opportunities for personal and business development to your leadership no matter where they are in their professional journey. From emerging through executive leadership, The Regis Company programs enable learners to better navigate the complexities of the modern business world through strengthening capabilities such as decision-making, understanding business systems, interpersonal skills, and how to lead more effectively.

Why the Regis Company?

The Regis Company is the leader in creating personalized leadership development programs across the world’s most progressive organizations. With extensive experience in more than 25 unique industries, our team of experts have created and implemented hundreds of leading-edge programs across the globe.

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