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with activities designed to build confidence and mastery more quickly, as participants learn by doing.

We’ll keep your people engaged and inspired with activities that make learning memorable and create intuitive connections to their real-world challenges.


Life-like virtual learning

It’s our signature secret weapon for learning. With 20 years of research, testing, and customer feedback supporting its development, SimGate™ has become the go-to learning technology for over 25 Fortune 500 companies. Learners encounter true-to-life challenges in a digital environment where they process a problem, then plan and implement an inspired solution. In a safe space to practice high-impact skills and get timely feedback, learners awaken better awareness, thinking, and behavior.

Role Plays

Practicing with peers

Exploring scenarios that match your business landscape, role playing allows participants to put their skills to the test while adding the dynamics of live human interaction. Guided by experts, learners practice critical skills like active listening, creativity, and agile thinking or improvisation.

Work Tanks

Working through real-world problems

Work Tanks ask learners to tackle real-world problems and opportunities while learning new skills and tools. Similar to in-person brainstorming, we create an experience in which learners co-create solutions to real business challenges.

Strategic Board Games

A healthy, competitive spirit

Made for live or digital play, board games bring fun and learning together. Each game is devised to meet the target learning objectives and excite participants, so they learn without trying.


Measure Growth and Proficiency

To give participants and business stakeholders an accurate picture of learner growth, we test skills, thinking, and behavior before, during, and after learning experiences. This allows participants to understand their progress and opportunities for growth, and it helps learning leaders understand gaps in training and program efficacy.

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