Mike Vaughan

Since co-founding the company in 2003, Mike Vaughan has been the visionary behind The Regis Company’s simulation platform and methodologies. Prior to Regis, Mike introduced one of the first learning management systems and learning content managements systems to the learning and development industry. Mike has served as an executive and technology officer at International Learning Systems and Alignmark, a Thomson Publishing company. Mike holds degrees in cognitive science, computer science and a masters in cognitive neuroscience. In addition to speaking at TedX on the power of questions, Mike authored “The Thinking Effect”, “The End of Training” and “Strategic Performance Learning: How to Rethink Thinking”. Mike continues to do research in the areas of mental models, team effectiveness and agility.

TedX Talk: Better Questions

Mike is the author of The End of Training: How Simulations Are Reshaping Business and, most recently, The Thinking Effect: Rethinking Thinking to Create Great Leaders and the New Value Worker.

Mike is a regular contributor to various industry magazines in the areas of cognitive neuroscience, decision making, problem solving, and collaboration.