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Create powerful immersive learning programs with the world’s first end-to-end, scalable simulation platform

Faster, better, and more affordable immersive learning

  • Globally scalable and accessible
  • You build, co-build, and we build options
  • Easy to create and maintain simulations (at no extra cost) 
  • Stronger ROI per dollar than traditional learning
  • Localize for country and language
SimGate Portal

The gateway to access and manage your SimGate Studio projects.

SimGate Studio

No-code design and development simulation authoring tool.

SimGate Dashboard

Administration, facilitation, and deployment tools.

SimGate™ Studio

Simulations made easy

Create, edit, and maintain simulations with SimGate Studio, our new no-code authoring tool

SimGate Studio makes immersive, simulation-based course creation easy – so easy you can do it yourself, right out of the box. Now available for new course creation with curated simulation templates, tons of fancy logic to personalize and adapt to learners’ needs, and reporting that shows learners’ decisions and impacts.

Whether you want to enhance existing eLearning, reimagine content, or create something new, our no-code authoring tool meets you where you are, making simulations fast, easy, and affordable.

Feature Highlight

Visual Flow Editor

Everyone needs a starting place. The visual flow editor helps you create flexible, rich learning experiences by providing a canvas that shows your course activities as you build it, so you can imagine and re-imagine your course flow. 

Beyond the basic course structure, the visual flow editor constructs engaging courses with measurable impact using features including: 

  • Adaptive learning logic with customized, personal learning branching paths, where learners participate in the narrative by choosing between different actions or storylines.  
  • Remediation paths, where learners can jump to a previous point in the course and take another shot at the task.
  • A simple drag-and-drop interface to add sections or rounds to your experience and break learning into natural chunks.
Feature Highlight


Templates are like a Swiss Army knife for course creation – you have many tools at your fingertips, ready to be used. With numerous curated templates to choose from, each will accelerate the design and development of course creation.  

Use templates to harness the power of adaptive learning. Through elements such as branching logic, AI avatars, and scenarios, templates are versatile ways of leveraging a no-code authoring environment to build your simulation.

These templates are strung together and are easily added or modified. This approach allows an author to create different types of simulations as the templates address a wide and growing range of learning objectives.

Use templates to: 

  • streamline content creation, for quicker development and cost savings 
  • quickly assemble a simulation to create insightful feedback
  • capture data and decisions to use in branching, feedback and scoring

And of course, every template has guides and resources to help you along the way.

Feature Highlight


Simulation scoring is core to driving the learn-by-doing experience.  

Use scoring to engage and reward your learners, enhance realism and relevance, and measure learning progress. With SimGate Studio, you can create a contextually relevant, rich learning experience by mapping each sim answer option to positive and negative impacts across multiple performance criteria. This data dynamically updates in each round of the simulation, generating customized feedback reports.  Those reports directly reflect earned scores and provide personalized resource recommendations or inform next steps.

How it works:

  1. Define scoring criteria and metrics
  2. Identify feedback reports needed to display participant scores 
  3. Map activity answer choices to scoring criteria and metrics
  4. Input scoring values into the SimGate Studio tool and fine-tune as needed
Feature Highlight


Create pre-learning assessments for your learners, tailored to your program goals.  

With assessments, learners gain a personalized baseline for growth and better understand how their thinking affects their performance. At the end of the journey, participants can retake these tests to see shifts and improvements. 

Assessments are targeted to measure:

  • Knowledge of skills and behaviors
  • Bias and preference
  • Learning transfer
  • Mental models

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SimGate™ Dashboard

Insights that help you take action

Enterprise-grade reporting and analytics combined with easy management for admins and facilitators

Get more out of data and analytics with intuitive out-of-the-box reports and dashboards that bring you actionable insights at the learner, facilitator, and executive level.


Easy Deployment & Management

Dashboards provide administrators the ease to create any session around the world in an instance – getting facilitators and participants set up can be done instantaneously so they can begin their learning.

With bulk uploads, you can add hundreds (or thousands) of users in one push of a button. 

And facilitators can control the flow of the learning — leveraging when learning starts and stops – using an individual or team advance feature — this means no skipping ahead and learning is reinforced in the moment of need.

Reporting Tools & Analytics

Measurable and actionable insights 

Training ROI is notoriously elusive – but The Regis Company brings you reports and dashboards that make data simple to interpret and provide actionable recommendations. Now you can finally see the impact of learning on business metrics.

At every step of the journey, our virtual learning platform captures data with each choice, decision point, and keystroke. The result is invaluable, with detailed performance data at the participant, facilitator, and team levels. Intuitive dashboards visualize the learning journey and provide actionable insights.

SimGate Dashboard

Easy to manage and deploy

With SimGate Dashboard, administrators and facilitators have total control at their fingertips. Create, deploy, and manage hundreds of sessions with ease.


Track and celebrate individual growth.

Through personalized learning journeys, participants get real-time feedback that helps them tie behavior to outcomes and shows their strengths and opportunities for improvement.

A Custom Fit

Designed to fit your time, budget, and market needs

Let us tailor content and simulation formats to drive your desired business outcomes. SimGate makes it possible to choose the right length and collaboration level for learners.

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The simulation proved to be a key accelerator to advance several internal initiatives regarding client service enhancement, margin improvement, and people development. We began seeing a positive impact in all three spheres of influence immediately upon our executives’ return to their clients the following Monday.

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