Reports and Dashboards

Get more out of data and analytics,

with intuitive reports and dashboards that bring you actionable insights at the learner, facilitator, and executive level.

Training ROI is notoriously elusive – but The Regis Company brings you reports and dashboards that make data simple to interpret and provide actionable recommendations. Now you can finally see the impact of learning on business metrics.

Insights for Participants

Track and celebrate individual growth.

Our learning activities tie behavior and decisions to outcomes. Through data, we show learners how their thinking and performance change over time. In the end, participants gain an understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, and how they stack up against their peers.

Insights for Learning & Development Leaders

Gain stakeholder buy-in and optimize learning resources.

We give learning leaders easy-to-interpret insights on individual and aggregate participant performance. This allows for more effective budgeting and planning, as the data reveals where learners need additional training support and investment.

Insights for Business Stakeholders

Measure business impact and manage talent more effectively.

Training is a large and critical investment. Our reports for executive stakeholders are designed to show the value of your learning dollar by tracking training outcomes against key KPIs. Plus, with individual and aggregate reporting on programs, you can identify stand-out performers for talent fast tracking, as well as uncover where your team needs additional support or alignment.

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