Onboarding & Role Transition

Empower your people to conquer new challenges.

Set your employees up for success with the skills and mindset needed to join your company, take on a new role, or become a top performer.

Consider this solution if your goals include:

  • Getting a class of new hires ready to add value at warp speed
  • Helping employees skip the learning curve as they level up
  • Orienting new employees to your business model, messaging, and culture
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Striking the right balance for learner outcomes and business growth

In addition to the technical skills your people need to be successful in their new role, we emphasize these human and business competencies in Onboarding and Role Transition solutions.

Human Skills

Shifting mindsets

Asking good questions

Understanding social styles

Effective communication

Business Skills

Systems thinking

Learning agility

Understanding stakeholders

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Here are just a few of our workshops and courses we can include in your tailored solution.

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Leadership Development

Build better leaders who can effectively develop and communicate a strong vision, influence the industry, and mobilize people and resources around strategic initiatives. Learners will practice both human and business skills, as well as address diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Organizational Alignment & Digital Transformation

Help learners internalize how their work contributes to the company mission or prepare them to handle rapid growth, reorganization, or mergers and acquisitions.

Business & Financial Acumen

Give learners a deeper understanding of business operations, market dynamics, and financial models as they practice data analysis and apply insights to strategic decisions.

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