SimGate is our cloud-hosted web-based platform. We created SimGate to develop, deploy, and manage immersive classroom and large event simulations, online asynchronous simulations, assessment instruments, pre-work, and virtual reinforcement. SimGate provides rich learning environments while simplifying logistics, reducing deployment costs, and enabling data capture for analytics, reporting, and competition/gamification.

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  • SimGate enables rich learning experiences that teach people how to think while simplifying logistics, reducing costs, and allowing facilitators to focus on the highest value areas for learning.
  • SimGate is fully scalable and integrates custom storylines, data, market dynamics, and challenges into a seamless experience for participants.
  • SimGate includes an extensive instructor dashboard and reporting tools designed for ease of administration and facilitation.
  • SimGate is mobile-enabled and provides social media collaboration tools.

SimGate Platform Features