The Regis Company merges with Executive Perspectives

United by a deep commitment to creating great thinkers and leaders, The Regis Company’s merger with Executive Perspectives expands our global reach, adds a broad range of industry-specific solutions and enhances facilitation capabilities.

The Regis Company wins Gold in Gaming and Simulations at the Fall CLO Symposium.


The Regis Company is a leadership consulting firm dedicated to creating great thinkers and leaders through the use of immersive simulations. Regis goes beyond traditional approaches to professional learning such as coaching, eLearning and role training. Our emotionally engaging and educationally rigorous simulations teach you how to think, not what to think. Corporate executives of the Fortune 500 and senior level executives of U.S. Government agencies consistently return to The Regis Company to affect real change within their organizations.

A New Way of Assessing, Developing, and
Transforming Your Leaders…

Regis steps into your world and creates an equally sophisticated simulation so that you can improve your thinking, improve your understanding, and improve your reality.

Our people are passionate about delivering custom solutions to clients across all industries.

We collaborate with some of the biggest, most innovative global industries and help them solve their toughest, most nuanced challenges — in sales, strategy, leadership, and transformation.

We’ve seen old-school leadership programs, and so have you…

(And we both know they don’t work.)

Our simulations build on the latest in neuroscience and seamlessly factor in your market and human dynamics so that you can quickly unravel the systemic mindsets that undermine your progress. Old-school programs are propped up on team-building activities and motivational speeches that don’t change behavior; Regis shifts underlying mental models and develops creative, critical thinkers who add value to your organization … immediately.


Need to think and act globally?
Our technology helps you do both.

Our simulations are effortless to create but powerfully agile for you to deploy. Our proprietary cloud-based system houses your simulation and captures analytics at the individual, organization and industry levels. This means your simulation can be deployed wherever you want — in a classroom, at a major event, or online; to as many people as you want — a class of 3 or 300,000; by whomever you want — your people, our people, or a team of both.

Your world is constantly evolving.
So are our solutions.

Because we see ourselves as trusted advisors to your team, your simulation is just the start of what can be a customized ecosystem of tools that creates great thinkers and leaders. When new issues emerge, we’ll be there to help you address them at their source.

Stop focusing on what to teach.
Let us change how you think.

Ready to change the mindset of your organization? Consider this Step No. 1.


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