New ways of working demand

new ways of learning


Help leaders grow like never before with tailored – yet scalable – virtual learning solutions that capture the energy and empathy of live learning.

Building the right solution for your business.

You know your needs best. So, we listen deeply to understand your key challenges and deliver programs designed with the right content and technology to tackle them.

These are just some of our most-loved solutions, with outcomes that keep customers coming back year after year.

Executive Leadership Development

Program Outcome

Executives can effectively develop and communicate a strong vision, influence the industry, and mobilize people and resources around strategic initiatives.

Case Study

A Multinational Medical Device and Healthcare Enterprise


“We need greater than average sales growth and steady margin expansion, and we believe improving performance in our General Managers will drive this.”


Leveraging multiple learning modalities to shape human and business skills, participants practiced adaptability, strategic thinking, and self-reliance to become better proactive executive leaders. Learning components included simulation, coaching, scenario planning, and war gaming.

  • All participant outcomes exceeded industry average scores
  • Participants rated their job impact at 4.3 / 5.0 
  • Return on investment for the program was rated 4.7 / 5.0



107,000 employees

Organizational Alignment and Transformation

Program Outcome

Leaders understand how their work contributes to the company mission and are prepared to handle rapid growth, reorganization, or mergers and acquisitions.

Case Study

A Big Four Bank in the US


“We need to better prepare newly promoted managing directors to guide us back to growth in our complex, competitive market.”


In an immersive simulation-based learning journey, participants practiced desired skills and behaviors, tracking progress through a personalized learning path that integrated pre- and post-assessments with simulation data and coaching insights.

  • Greater than 20% convergence toward expert-level mental models

Financial Services 


204,000 employees

Business and Financial Acumen

Program Outcome

Leaders internalize the basics of business operations, market dynamics, and financial models. They are able to analyze data and apply insights to future decisions.

Case Study

A Global Shipping Giant


“As a result of a restructure, district teams must now make decisions to drive operational excellence. They need to better understand market dynamics, value positioning, and profit-and-loss operating models.”


A custom simulation recreated the company’s complex business, incorporating key business levers, market data, time delays and other systems dynamics concepts. Teams set strategies, made tactical decisions, and analyzed the performance of their district.

  • 2.5% increase in revenue per package
  • Over 4% improvement in operating leverage quarter over quarter

Logistics & Supply Chain


440,000 employees

Onboarding, Role Transition, High Potentials

Program Outcome

Leaders develop the skills and mindset needed to join the company or take on a new role, and the company can identify and nurture its top talent.

Case Study

A popular provider of HR and payroll services


“As we move top performers into management roles, leaders need to improve their personal leadership operating models.”


Emerging leaders developed resilience, curiosity, agility, and systems thinking over a seven-month virtual learning journey with multiple learning modalities. Mental model assessments showed changes in thinking over time, simulations provided practice, action learning helped leaders apply learning to their roles, feedback and coaching refined thinking and behavior, and virtual sessions provided peer and group learning. 

  • Data from assessment and simulation instruments showed significant changes in thinking under different situations, demonstrating learning transfer.

Human Capital Management


57,000 employees

Process and Technical Skills

Program Outcome

Leaders successfully learn a complex business process and develop the hard skills needed to excel in their role.

Case Study

A Big Four global professional services firm


“Our wide array of solutions makes reliable financial forecasting a challenge. Leaders need help driving and planning for consistent, repeatable growth across all our projects.”


A Massive Multiplayer Virtual Simulation reached leaders at every level, spread across the globe. Participants stepped through true-to-life challenges, getting feedback from simulation data, peers, and coaches.

  • Greater profitability from leaders who participated versus those who did not
  • Improved predictability of profit models 
  • Deployed to 50,000 employees in 12 months

Financial Services


270,000 employees

Transformational Solution DNA

Learning that sticks comes from true individual transformation. So we won’t stop at matching a pre-packaged solution to your business goals. Instead, The Regis Company uses human-centered design to tailor content elements, technology components, and performance metrics to drive lasting behavioral change.

At the heart of our virtual solutions is the Whole Leader philosophy, helping learners excel in both the human and business aspects of leadership. Learners leave with self-awareness and communication tools they need to manage themselves and others, in addition to the hard skills required to fulfill their roles. The result is well-rounded, sustainable, and effective leadership.

We build Whole Leaders by applying a hand-picked set of content across these dimensions and topics:



Addressing Biases

Global Mindset



Diversity + Inclusion


Design Thinking


Change Management

Asking Good Questions



Emotional Intelligence

Cross-functional Alliances

Healthy Dissent

Conflict Resolution

Relationship Building

Social Styles / Communication


Virtual Presence

Managing Difficult Conversations



Financial Acumen

Business Acumen

Domain Knowledge

Software Mastery

Data Analysis

Statistical Analysis

Data Literacy


1st, 2nd, 3rd Order Thinking

Scenario Planning

Risk and Innovation

Systems Thinking

Digital Transformation

Strategic Thinking

Complex Problem Solving

Cross-Functional Planning

Market Analysis

Critical Thinking