Solution Success with Our 3-Step Simulation Creation Process

Unlock the power of targeted, tailored learning simulations.

Step 1: Select Your Training Focus and Define Your Approach

Begin by choosing the specific topic or issue for your learning simulation. This could range from universal subjects to internal training requirements based on your organization’s needs.

Then choose and approach across the following dimensions for the types of experiential learning that address your needs.

Step 2: Leverage AI for Customized Simulation Development

Utilize ReX AI to generate and refine comprehensive simulation objectives, roles, learning activities, and interactions.

Tailor the content and measurement/feedback design to align with your business context, industry, and priority areas.

Step 3: Collaborate, Refine, and Pilot

Engage with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and relevant stakeholders to review the simulation. Incorporate their valuable feedback and make necessary adjustments.

Pilot the simulation with participants to gauge its effectiveness. With SimGate it is easy to refine and iterate based on the insights gained from the pilot phase, ensuring the simulation aligns perfectly with your learning objectives and business goals.

DIY or Let Regis Lead for You

Take control of your learning design and development with the option to create your simulations independently, or entrust Regis for expert guidance and seamless execution to achieve your learning objectives.

Experience the Process – Contact Regis Today!

Get a firsthand look at our innovative simulation creation process in action by reaching out to Regis, where our experts will guide you through the journey to effective experiential learning.