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Business success depends on people learning and doing more, faster. Sharpen your learners’ skills by tackling real-world problems. Upskill and reskill your learners and align to business goals with SimGate™.

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AI-Supported. Human-Centered.

Use AI to do what its best at—generating content quickly

Keep your designers working on what they love and do best—creating quality learning experiences that make a difference

Use the SimGate™ Platform to Build the Future of Learning

Introducing The Regis Company and Simulations

Put Your Business on the Fast-track to Skills-Based Learning With the World’s First Scalable Simulation Platform

Solve Learning Challenges Your Way with our Skills Practice Simulations.


Jumpstart Success With Regis

Does Your Team Need Support with Tackling Your Current Learning Challenges?

Regis has Decades of Expertise We’ll Use to Build Your Business A Tailor-Fit Skill Practice Experience.

Our Jumpstart solution is best for those who need:
  • Expert thought partnership in learning design
  • A fully built, ready to deploy program of the highest quality
  • 3 hour VILT/ILT or 30-minute self-paced programs
  • A custom solution for today’s needs built future-proof for scale

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Accelerate Impact With Regis

Do You Want to Build and Maintain Simulations for Your Organization? 

We’ll Train and Certify You to Use SimGate™ to Design, Develop, Deploy, and Maintain Simulations, Globally.

Our Accelerator solution is best for those who need:
  • A solution built to scale from day one. If you know what you want, now you have the tools to build it
  • Technology that unlocks speed to performance
  • Power in the hands of your learning professionals to do what they do best— create impactful learning experiences
  • No-code authoring access
  • AI-Supported storytelling and templates.

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Develop Skills Practice Simulations Tailored to Your Organization

Create learning simulations on any topic, tailored to your organization’s learning needs and strategic priorities.

Develop everything from short, self-paced nano simulations to multi-day workshop simulations. Take your learners from practice-based learning to developing new market-ready skills.

Rapidly Reskill With Real Results

Skills practice simulations create experiences that move learners from knowing what they need to do to actually applying new skills on the job.

With Regis, SimGate™ simulations improve learning programs with experiences that make training not just more effective, but also engaging and actionable.

Your learners will thank you for bringing innovation and excitement to something normally considered a meaningless chore. Impress business leaders with the concrete results that skills practice simulations deliver.

Learning leaders Trust The Regis Company

And for good reason! Clocking in at 250,000 learners each year, with 25 Fortune 500 customers and counting, we’re regarded as the go-to experiential design expert and the industry’s best builder of diverse and immersive learning simulations.

Fortune 500 customers
Learners Across 6 Continents
Our Customers

Helping You Transform Your Training

For over 20 years, learning leaders have put their trust in The Regis Company to create highly effective, award-winning learning programs.

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