High-Quality, Measurable Learning Experiences that Accelerate Business Performance

Use AI to speed up development of scenario-based simulations—and achieve outcomes that go beyond expectations.

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AI-Supported. Human-Centered.

Thanks to our AI-supported enterprise simulation platform, now any organization can design, develop, and deploy learning experiences that are engaging, effective, and human-centered.

One of the most scalable and affordable ways to give enterprise learners experience is via scenario-based business simulations.

Introducing The Regis Company and Simulations

Meet SimGate and ReX AI

Now with the SimGate and Rex Al platforms, creating and delivering powerful, impactful learning simulations is more scalable and affordable than ever.


Everything you need to develop, manage, and deploy simulations.

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Accelerate simulation design and development with AI-generated simulation content. 

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Develop Learning Simulations Tailored to Your Organization

Create learning simulations  – on any topic – that are tailored to your organization’s learning needs and strategic priorities, as well as your learner’s everyday context. 

Develop everything from short, self-paced nano simulations to multi-day workshop simulations. 

Simulations Bring Learning to Life

Simulations create experiences that get you from knowing what you need to do to doing what you need to do.

With Regis simulations, you improve your learning programs with experiences that make training not just more effective, but also engaging and enjoyable.

Participants will thank you for bringing innovation and excitement to something normally considered a chore. Business stakeholders will be blown away by the concrete results that simulation learning can deliver.

Learning leaders Trust The Regis Company

And for good reason! Clocking in at 250,000 learners each year, with 25 Fortune 500 customers and counting, we’re regarded as the go-to experiential design expert and the industry’s best builder of diverse and immersive learning simulations.

Fortune 500 customers
Learners Across 6 Continents
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Helping You Transform Your Training

For over 20 years, learning leaders have put their trust in The Regis Company to create highly effective, award-winning learning programs.

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