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Immersive experiential learning – powered by simulations.


Virtual, live, and blended experiences that grow your people and the bottom line

Our simulations target both human and business skills. Participants learn by doing through immersive activities that support the challenges they face each day – leading to self-generated insights and lasting change.

Our simulations are built with three design principles:

Design Thinking

Solve even the most complex problems with a strategic and systematic process for unearthing the best solution

Brain-Friendly Learning

Fight the forgetting curve with learning that’s designed with the brain in mind

Human-Centered Design

Start with understanding people and you’ll end with an unexpectedly innovative and effective solution

Meet SimGate

Create, manage, and deploy immersive simulation-based learning with ease

With more than 50 industry awards and thousands of career transformations under its belt, our simulation-based learning platform immerses participants in the most rich, dynamic, and personally relevant learning experience on the market.

Our no-code authoring tool, SimGate Studio, makes creating and editing simulation-based learning a breeze.

SimGate Dashboard offers enterprise-grade reporting and analytics, combined with easy management for admins and facilitators.

Simulations bring learning to life

With Regis simulations, you improve your learning programs with experiences that make training not just more effective, but engaging and enjoyable.

Participants will thank you for bringing innovation and excitement to something normally considered a chore. Business stakeholders will be blown away by the concrete results that simulation learning can deliver.

And even better?

Regis simulations deliver stronger ROI against average program and creation costs, with a similar investment as traditional eLearning – with optimal results. 

Learning leaders trust The Regis Company

And for good reason! Clocking in at 250,000 learners each year, with 25 Fortune 500 customers and counting, we’re regarded as the go-to experiential design expert and the industry’s best builder of diverse and immersive learning simulations.

Fortune 500 customers
Learners Across 6 Continents

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