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Train Your Leaders Like Astronauts

What’s the best way to learn? It’s not rocket science — it’s experiential learning.

Practice makes perfect learning experiences.

Imagine you could offer your people the kind of learning used to train the world’s top astronauts, pilots, and surgeons – for a similar investment as traditional learning. The Regis Company’s true-to-life experiential learning makes it possible with learning that captures the human, business, and market complexities of real life in a scalable and user-friendly SaaS platform.


Custom-fit solutions for your business goals
Activities that fight the forgetting curve
Actionable data & insights for all stakeholders


Five-star participant reviews
Targeted content for your role and industry
Collaborative challenges & active skills practice

Easy to Deploy

Speedy turnkey program design
Anytime-anywhere access, even on mobile
Simple deployment with virtual or live facilitation

Tailored simulations your learners will love.

With more than 50 industry awards and thousands of career transformations under its belt, our Simulation Gateway™ immerses participants in the most rich, dynamic, and personally relevant learning experience on the market. We tailor simulation format, length, and content to your unique needs in order to create experiences that are efficient, stimulating, and impactful. 

Enhance decision-making skills as you learn how your choices impact your relationships, at work and at home.

Launch your training in as little as 8 weeks.

Turn strategy into actionable insights with our award-winning, best-in-class experiential learning solutions.

We’re your partner in delivering best-in-class experiential learning to your stakeholders.

Clocking in at 250,000 learners each year, with 25 Fortune 500 customers and counting, our immersive simulations are taking the corporate learning industry by storm. But don’t take our word for it.

Fortune 500 customers
Learners Across 6 Continents

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