The Regis Company wins two Gold Excellence titles in Brandon Hall Group Technology Awards; hires new talent to steer growth

As the world begins to redefine ‘business as usual,’ The Regis Company is poised to redefine online learning, helping organizations grow in spite of the challenges of the global pandemic. A leader in simulation-based leadership development solutions, The Regis Company has greenlit a plan for growth and product development that builds on current offerings to integrate dynamic cloud-based simulations and advanced data analytics into a scalable, immersive digital learning platform. The Regis Company won two Gold Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in talent management technology and learning and development technology for the innovation, announced on December 10, 2020.

CEO Mike Vaughan, who recently addressed members of NATO with insights from his company’s Scenario Planning workshop, believes The Regis Company is uniquely positioned to adapt to the virtual shift in learning, adding:

“We wanted to create a platform that addresses an unmet need, to provide a digital experience like no other. Everything we do is informed by the neuroscience of the brain and the conditions that make learning stick. With that in mind, we’re excited to bring a robust new set of virtual and blended learning products to market that will allow customers to scale up or down, depending on their needs. Along with our award-winning simulations, our world-class authoring tool will enable The Regis Company to create dynamic solutions that can grow and change alongside their users.”

VP of Operations Kevin Himmel provides additional detail on their 2020 momentum. “We have refactored to a microservices software architecture for greater scale and reliability; we continue to build out our design system for rich interactive learning; we are shortening user feedback loops, and our quarterly releases will deliver an expanding tool set for our client administrators, facilitators, and end users.”

The company plans to support their growth in 2021 with strategic new hires, including Kendrick McLish, who joined The Regis Company as a VP of Business Development at the start of the year. McLish brings an extensive background in learning technology, previously working with Pearson, a leader in global learning.

In addition to innovative learning technology, The Regis Company is committed to providing education and insights to learning leaders. In late 2020, the company launched its inaugural State of Business and Leadership Development Survey to customers and learning leaders across the globe. They have incorporated their findings, along with current industry research and expert insights, in a newly released guide for learning and development professionals to help address the challenges of 2021. You can download “Building the World’s Best Post-Pandemic Leaders: Four Trends That Will Shape the Next Normal in Leadership Development” here.

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The Regis Company creates engaging and immersive leadership development experiences that leaders of every level can translate into real-world learning. The design-centered approach that Regis takes places learners at the heart of every decision. They are well-known for their virtual capabilities, using a combination of powerful simulations and virtual instruction to design programs that are relevant and effective. With clients in more than 25 industries throughout the world, Regis programs support more than 250,000 leaders each year. To learn more about The Regis Company, please visit

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