Meet Your Newest Team Member— ReX AI

Your Design and Development Co-Pilot.


ReX AI has the power to 10x your design team, guiding them through each thoughtful step required to create quality learning activities on any topic.

Use ReX AI with SimGate™ to Create Skills-Based Simulations in a Snap

Supercharge your learning design and development with ReX AI’s powerful prompting engine, and build content for any learning experience, faster than ever before. Your team can develop skill practice experiences for any audience, any industry, or any challenge in days instead of weeks.

A Dynamic Duo for Design & Development

Use Your Training Materials, Brand Pillars, and Off-the-Shelf Material to have Rex AI Auto-Generate Content

ReX Al is human-centered so you have complete control over the content. Unlock your company’s specific training vision so you can make the most of what you already have in place.

Build Better Without Ditching What Already Works for Your Organization

No need to reinvent the wheel when you don’t have to. Instead, Use ReX AI to better maintain your content, delivering faster speed-to-performance for learners.

Preserve Your Design Principles

ReX AI is not just a co-pilot for fast content development. It is also a partner to you in design integrity. Develop personas that guide learners through mindset shifts and calculating trade-offs in critical decision making.

Reduce Cost and Iterations in Creating Content with Subject Matter Experts

Using AI-generated content to rapidly create prototypes provides shared visibility and clearer feedback between designers and subject matter experts.

With ReX AI, teams have more efficient communication, and learners have richer experiences

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