RexAI Beta

Your simulation design and development co-pilot

To accelerate simulation creation, ReX AI guides designers through all the steps required to create dynamic, engaging learning activities on any topic.

Rapidly Generate Sim-Based Experiential Learning

Supercharge your development efforts with ReX AI, a powerful experiential learning prompting engine that can build content for any learning journey. With ReX, you’ll effortlessly create powerful learning activities that engage and educate.

Create Simulations in Days, Not Weeks

Al can significantly expedite the process of learning simulation development by automating the generation of key elements such as scenarios, content, and interactions, reducing manual workloads.

By leveraging Al-powered tools, learning designers can rapidly create simulations, adapting them to meet specific learning objectives and customizing them to the organization’s context, often taking just days instead of weeks.

Use Internal Documentation, Reports, or Expertise in your RexAi Auto-Generated Content

Rex Al is highly adaptable and can incorporate your company’s specific training data or other documents, so you can create simulations around internal or universal topics.

Control Your Content Generation Settings to Fit Your Specific Design Needs

Tailoring your Rex AI content generation with different contexts and settings is very important to creating targeted and specific learning materials. Rex AI gives you multiple values you can use to tailor its content generation.

Jumpstart Designer and Subject Matter Expert Interactions

Enhance collaboration between Learning Designers and Subject Matter Experts by using AI-generated content as rapid prototypes, providing immediate visual representations of learning designs and facilitating more efficient communication and feedback, ultimately leading to highly accurate simulations and faster access to cutting-edge knowledge.

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