Why Settle for eLearning or Traditional Learning Models?

With SimGate™ you can create, manage, and deliver powerful, experiential learning with the world’s first end-to-end, scalable simulation platform.

A Platform for AI-Supported, Human-Centered Experiential Learning

Create, manage, and deploy scenario-based and case-driven simulations that replicate your organization’s context to give learners critical skill-building practice.

Personalized, Adaptive and Gamified Learning Paths

Enhance the learning’s emotional throttle by providing personalized learning pathways, feedback, and scoring based on different learner actions and decisions, giving each learner a unique experience that adapts and responds to their skill level and progress.

Engage Learners with Multiple Types of Learning Activities and Add-Ons

Go beyond single-activity learning approaches by incorporating different types of learning activities and add-ons in each simulation, including video response, conversation, course of action, prioritization, network map, character perspectives, and many more.

Seamless Integration of AI Avatars and Media

Save time and money and create lifelike, dynamic content and media with ease thanks to integrated AI avatars and other artificial intelligence tools.

Choose Where and How Your Learners Engage

Deliver versatile learning experiences with options that cater to both individuals and teams, allowing for self-paced exploration or live, interactive engagement, accessible in both virtual and in-person settings, including powerful facilitator tools.

Deploy and Manage Programs Globally

Scale learning programs anywhere with a comprehensive suite of tools to efficiently manage and deploy users and courses, and integrate smartly with your existing systems.

Insights and Analytics That Help You Take Action

SimGate simulations generate crucial data on progress and effectiveness, allowing organizations to analyze employee performance, identify skill gaps, design targeted training, customize experiences, and gain insights into program effectiveness and ROI.

You Build, Co-Build or Regis Builds

Create, edit, and maintain engaging and effective simulations with SimGate’s no-code authoring tools.

Get inline feedback from SMEs and buy-in from stakeholders with easy reviewer tools.

Or Regis experts can lead, or co-lead, the sim development process for you.

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