A business simulation is an imitation of real-world business challenges that provoke participants to reflect on their thinking and behavior. Regis business simulations are designed to model major business events and challenges to teach participants in hours what would take months or years to experience on the job. Participants feel the intellectual, social and emotional challenges often engendered through painful (and costly) mistakes in the real world.

Types of Simulations

We provide a variety of simulation-based approaches, including custom or tailored computer-based simulations that track decisions and dynamically adjust parameters based on participant responses, to board simulations that offer a tactile experience. Regardless of the approach, a Regis simulation will present a range of challenging real-world situations that lead participants to self-generated insights that make a lasting impact.

Single Person Simulations

Team-Based Simulations

Virtual Team-Based Simulations

SimGate Platform

SimGateTM is a globally accessible web-based platform to develop, deploy, and manage simulations, from immersive classroom experiences to online self-guided and massive multi-player simulations.

SimGateTM provides tools to develop and deploy simulations, learning hubs, assessments, and just-in-time content. It also provides model-driven logic, rich administrator and facilitator dashboards, data analytics and reporting tools, and participant feedback and gamification features.

“This is by far the best program design in our company‚Äôs history. This experience will have a lasting impact on [our] employees. They will remember this long after they have attended.”


Systems Thinking and Dynamics

Mike Kesner, President of The Regis Company, talks about how Systems Thinking and Systems Dynamics inform everything they do.

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