Simulations mean zero risk and high reward

Accelerate learning in a safe environment, where trial and error is the name of the game.

What’s a Simulation?

Just like the real thing… with a safety net

A simulation is a technology-based immersive learning experience that allows participants to learn from their decisions and actions with no-risk outcomes. 

Simulations fully immerse learners in realistic challenges that are emotionally charged and intellectually rigorous.  Learners are challenged to consider others’ perspectives, dynamic market factors, and business trade-offs  – all with measurable impact. 

Participants learn from their failures, refine their problem-solving abilities, and develop critical and system-thinking skills.

Most importantly,  learners understand how they can contribute to the business in far less time – a win for the learner and the business.

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Why Simulations?

Business success depends on people learning and doing more, faster.

We make this possible.

The knowing-doing gap is the classic disconnect between knowledge and action.  Even when people know what they’re meant to do, they often don’t know how to do it. 

Simulations teach learners how to do things.  Through practice in a safe environment, learners prepare for new roles, actively skill-build, and grow their confidence. 

Imagine if…

Instead of reading about leadership…
you experience being a leader

Instead of clicking through eLearning to learn about business…
you experience running a business

Instead of watching a video on how to make better decisions…
you make decisions and experience the impact

That’s the power of immersive, simulation-based learning.

With simulations, learners:

  • Connect new skills to their roles by mirroring real-world scenarios
  • Learn things faster (and remember them longer) by repeating skill-building in different contexts, helping them transfer learning to the real world
  • Hone a strategic mindset by rewiring thinking 

Real-life practice that drives results


of participants reported applying what they learned in a program to their job function


against program creation and deployment costs for one client, with a projected $100M increase in total revenue


Six reasons why simulations should be in your learner toolkit


Simulations are the perfect addition to your existing eLearning options

Enhance your existing learning toolkit with our award-winning, best-in-class experiential learning solutions.


Simulations create space for in-context, risk-free practice

When you immerse your learners in realistic and relevant simulations, they can learn by doing, risk-free.


Simulations are backed by science as the most effective learning method – with better results

Grasp a wide range of concepts in less time, remember them longer, and apply them immediately to their daily work.


Simulations capture and deliver data-driven insights

Measure what matters and leverage robust reports for participants, program leaders, and business stakeholders to inform outcomes and next steps.


Simulations increase engagement and team building 

Foster interpersonal relationships among teammates and co-workers and invite a sense of play and competitive spirit into the learning environment.


Simulations are scalable, affordable, and easy to implement

With SimGate, we’ve removed the traditional cost and complexity, making it a no-brainer to add simulations to your suite of eLearning solutions. 

Even better? We offer flexible ways to partner, based on your needs. Use our powerful authoring tool to create your simulations, work with our talented team of instructional designers to co-design, or leave it to us to deliver an amazing experience for your stakeholders.

Our learners achieved a level of engagement and learning intensity we have rarely witnessed in other training. Our participants still cite that experience as a significant milestone in their grasp and application of the learning content.

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