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Custom board simulations are a versatile and powerful learning tool for corporate training and development for a number of reasons.

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How are you going to deliver the impact that truly shifts thinking, changes behavior, and readies your team to execute strategy?

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A majority of change initiatives fail because organizations can sometimes set goals that are too vague, too unrealistic, or perhaps too many in number. If your organization is struggling with these same challenges, a shift in thinking may be in order.

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The Thinking Effect, by Michael Vaughan, addresses the fundamental need in effective learning—teaching how to think by a process of learning, trying, reflecting and trying again. The Thinking Effect moves beyond the concept of how to think to its development and delivery. The book explains how to evolve and improve thinking, how to create learning solutions, individual practices and real-world applications, and how to resist complacency and sustain the thinking effect.

With The End of Training, Michael Vaughan helps us navigate through the hype of business simulations and presents a clear and concise guide to understanding the power and effectiveness of these revolutionary training programs. More and more companies are choosing business simulations in an effort to create dynamic learning experiences that drive performance and create competitive advantage.

ATD Talent Management Handbook captures talent management’s evolution from a series of transactions to a fluid process that includes rethinking how to attract, engage, and grow future talent. This forward-looking handbook features a chapter by The Regis Company’s Mike Vaughan and Joel Janov titled “Strategic Performance and Learning: How to Rethink Thinking.”

Team-Based Strategic Thinking lays the foundation for senior executives who are serious about wanting to reinvent their corporate future by exposing “10 inconvenient truths” you must confront if you are going to drive growth and profitability for your organization.


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