SimGate™ accelerates leadership, reduces costs, and equips stakeholders and learning professionals with advanced analytics for data-driven decision making.

SimGate is The Regis Company’s proprietary and innovative web platform for developing, deploying, and managing immersive training simulations.

No matter where you are in the world, the SimGate platform flexibly supports learning events of all sizes, from classroom and large event settings, to digital asynchronous simulations, training assessments, pre-work, and virtual reinforcement.

Though applications differ for each client, all SimGate solutions share a powerful set of foundational features and tools.

Technology You Can Count On

SimGate is a scalable, cloud-based technology solution supported by a robust infrastructure, flexible hosting services, and 24/7 live customer support.

Simple Administration

Facilitators can set up sessions, monitor progress, provide feedback, communicate with participants, and introduce deliberate distractions through a simple dashboard.

Responsive Modeling

SimGate supports a range of modeling technologies—from spreadsheets to system dynamics—that provide a familiar working experience and lead to more meaningful outcomes.

Single or Multi-Player Options

SimGate supports experiences for individuals and teams alike. Roles and responsibilities are divided among team members in a multi-player environment or allow individuals to take on the central decision-making role in asynchronous simulations.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

SimGate incorporates Advanced Learning Intelligence (ALI) to apply automated analytics to learning and performance data, creating valuable profiles of learners, leaders, and stakeholders.

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