Make ‘eureka’ moments happen

by teaching learners how to think, not what to think

Unlike most traditional training programs, our immersive learning simulations teach learners how to think, not what to think. Using our award-winning simulations, create space for discovery, practice, and reflection, helping learning to happen naturally and leading to powerful insights.

Human-centered design

Start with understanding people and you’ll end with an unexpectedly innovative and effective solution

Just like a tailor designing a shirt, or a woodworker building a chair, you wouldn’t create a training program without considering the humans intended to experience it. 

We craft experiences from the participant’s perspective while considering stakeholder objectives.

Using human-centered design, our immersive simulation-based learning experiences are created from the user’s perspective, carefully considering how each stakeholder group will interact and respond at each step of the journey in order to uncover key pain points and focus resources in the right places to achieve your goals.

Three phases of human-centered design:


Use observation and empathy to identify patterns and deeply understand user groups.


Brainstorm ideas and converge on solutions that are effective and feasible.


Iterate, gather feedback, and deploy a solution that’s effective, engaging, and easy for all.

Brain-friendly learning

Fight the forgetting curve with learning that sticks

Using the principles of neuroscience, we create the right cognitive conditions, so learning happens faster, sticks better, and promotes stronger performance than traditional learning.

Regis simulations create brain-friendly learning experiences by:


Offering a safe and supportive environment for trial and error


Leveraging familiar settings and scenarios into novel challenges


Personalizing content and feedback to heighten learner attention


Providing the right amount of time and space for reflection


Balancing mental, emotional, and physical factors to hit the sweet spot for memory consolidation and habit formation


Replacing old habits with desired behavior through gradual, measurable shifts in thinking

Flexible Delivery Options

Choose where and how your learners participate

Virtual, live, and blended experiences that grow your people and the bottom line

Our experiential learning solutions are effective and engaging, and can be delivered in-person or virtually with ease. 

The Regis Company offers a variety of different simulation solutions tailored to your industry and employees. Give your employees a differentiated experience that helps them stay engaged and satisfied at work while teaching them material that sticks.

Create the perfect learning program, every time.

Whether you choose a virtual, live, or blended solution, you can select the perfect learning formats to bring content to life, while minding your budget and time constraints.



Facilitate live learning to enhance collaboration and communication dynamics.


Deliver a rich learning experience, 100% virtually, in the SimGate™ learning platform.


Give your learners the best of both worlds through a balance of live and virtual learning.



Choose self-guided simulations and assessments for individual employees to complete on their own.


Set team members up to work together to solve challenges, or let employees race each other for some friendly competition.

And of course, our simulations can be delivered in multiple languages and localized.


This training mimicked real-life things I face in my job and gave me the chance to try new approaches and see the impact. I can now see things from a different point of view on my projects and have a better understanding of our business overall.

Senior Manager of Risk AdvisoryBig Four Consulting Firm

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