is a journey


The Regis Company’s SimGate Platform delivers a rich and impactful learning journey that engages participants like no other virtual learning tool.

The right stuff to create lasting change in your leaders

Our comprehensive virtual learning platform is the result of 17 years of research and development – and it’s trusted by 25 Fortune 500 companies to transform their business and people. Informed by our human-centered design approach, it weaves together content, technology, and analytics to keep leaders interested and inspired.

Each program maximizes impact by reflecting our core learning needs in the virtual environment:

Intuitive Processing

We tap into the neural coding system with appropriate spacing, contextualizing, and rationalizing activities that help leaders acknowledge and shape their thinking patterns.

Progress and Feedback

The platform captures and tracks learning data so participants understand the impact of their decisions and behavior, building confidence and validating achievement.

Contextualized Material

We incorporate relevant and realistic scenarios in learning activities, providing a safe simulated space to take risks and encouraging learning transfer to leaders’ daily workflow.

Social Connection

Learning doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Leaders learn from peers and practice human skills in team activities, as well as gain access to expert coaches all across the globe.

The SimGate Platform

In a one-of-a-kind learning journey, participants experience program components that lead them from self-discovery to skills acquisition, behavioral change, and reflection on their growth.


Participants access a set of pre-learning assessments, tailored to their program goals, in order to establish a baseline for growth and begin understanding how their thinking affects their performance as a leader. At the end of the journey, participants retake these tests to see shifts and improvements. Assessments are targeted to measure:

  • Bias and preference
  • Learning transfer
  • Mental models 
  • Behavior
Assessments: Behavior Assessment


Award-winning simulations present participants with realistic challenges that help them develop critical skills like strategic thinking, risk management, collaboration, self-awareness, and other hard and soft skills.

MicroSims are fast and engaging individual learning experiences that hone specific skills and behaviors that enhance leadership.

Team-Based Sims connect participants across the globe in realistic real-world challenges that catalyze growth in creativity, problem-solving, and decision making.

Simulations: Scenario Planning

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

VILT brings the best of the classroom environment to the virtual learning platform, giving ample opportunity for asking questions, learning from peers, and processing new information.

VILT: Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Interactive Activities

With our blended virtual learning model, participants are exposed to a variety of individual and group learning modalities to develop human skills alongside business competencies. In addition to practicing interpersonal skills, participants gain perspective, empathy, and inspiration by hearing from peers and mentors. Interactive learning components include:

  • Peer learning – partner or team activities like active discussion, simulations, and role playing
  • Coaching – one-on-one mentorship with an industry expert
  • Networking – connecting and cultivating relationships with program participants across the globe
Network Map


Practice makes perfect when participants begin to integrate their new skills and thinking into on-the-job learning activities. Building on their newfound self-awareness, improved decision making, and program feedback, participants witness the real business impact of their leadership.



At every step of the journey, our virtual learning platform captures Advanced Learning Intelligence™ with each choice, decision point, and keystroke. The result is invaluable, detailed performance data at the participant, facilitator, and team level. Intuitive dashboards visualize the learning journey and provide actionable insights.

  • Individual participants get real-time feedback that helps them tie behavior to outcomes and shows their strengths and opportunities for improvement. 
  • Learning facilitators can evaluate program effectiveness and see where participants need more support. 
  • Business stakeholders can observe the measurable impact of leadership development on their business, as well as make more informed talent management choices. 
Analytics: Team Leader Program