Leadership development inspired by

how the brain learns best


When our thinking changes, our behavior follows. The Regis Company taps into the way leaders perceive and process the world in order to improve thinking, habits, and job performance.

Our human-centered design process combines content elements, technology components, and performance metrics to create learning experiences that address real needs in your organization and inspire real change in your leaders.

Engineered for engagement

Typical online learning programs suffer from low completion rates and poor engagement. But we apply human-centered design and neuroscience to ensure that leadership development meets your targeted learning goals – and keeps leaders coming back for more.

Our experiential methodology tailors learning at two levels:


Program Design
Through in-depth discovery with your team, we define your critical challenges and success metrics. Then, we carefully design the learning journey by hand selecting relevant content, technology components, and performance metrics.


Individual Learning Journey
We help maximize engagement and learning transfer by delivering content when and how our brains process information best. Through a variety of experiential learning formats – from simulations to virtual coaching – our programs teach leaders how to think, not what to think, helping them to apply training to their daily workflow in real time.

Learn more about how we use design thinking to identify and tackle your most pressing needs.
Design Thinking White Paper

Content made relevant, realistic, and personal

Business is inherently human. That’s why our programs address social and personal skills in addition to technical and strategic competencies. We know leaders must not just analyze data, but communicate insights to stakeholders, and not just execute strategic plans, but deliver difficult news and grow their team.

Balancing the human and business sides of Whole Leadership, our programs include industry, role, and leader level-specific content in activities that mirror leaders’ daily lives – enhancing learning transfer and engagement.

Technology that enables a richer learning journey

Scalability and accessibility are non-negotiables in today’s business environment. The Regis Company leverages digital tools that ensure you get the most out of learning at your desired leader level, location, class size, and budget. Better still, our unified learning platform guides leaders through their leadership development journey while automatically tracking behavior and thinking across activities.

Our award-winning SimGate Platform combines behavioral assessment, realistic simulations, personal coaching, immersive team and individual activities, and performance analytics in a comprehensive learning journey that excites participants and leads to lasting change.

Assessments: Behavior Assessment
Participants first establish a baseline of skills and preferences while learning about the effects of bias and mental models on their behavior, communication, and decisions.
Simulations: Scenario Planning
Leaders immerse themselves in a variety of short individual simulation experiences that realistically reflect their role and environmental pressures. Learning new skills and practicing decision making in a safe space, leaders begin to understand the impact of their thought patterns and actions.
VILT: Virtual Instructor Led Training
Virtual instructor-led training brings the best of the classroom environment to the virtual learning platform, giving ample opportunity for asking questions, learning from peers, and processing new information.
Team-Based Simulations
Simulations make learning real, even in the virtual environment. In scenarios that authentically reflect each leader's environment and challenges, participants practice new skills – catalyzing growth in creativity, problem-solving, and decision making.
Reinforcement: Bias/Preference Assessment
Participants can view their results in real time, helping to connect their behavior and decisions to outcomes. With personal reflection and virtual coaching, participants can quickly integrate feedback into their work and learning activities. As they practice in the safety of the virtual setting, learning transfer to their daily workflow becomes easier.
Dashboards at the participant, facilitator, and team level reveal invaluable insights. Business stakeholders can make more informed talent management choices; learning leaders can see where participants need more support; participants can visualize their strengths and weaknesses to guide their future growth.

See more impact with smart analytics

Our Advanced Learning Intelligence™ (ALI) is built into the learning platform to track leader performance and measure the business impact of their development.

Leaders, facilitators, and business stakeholders use dashboards to see learning data in realtime, showing areas of growth and opportunities for improvement. This allows leaders to visualize the impact of their decisions and behavior and provides actionable insights for boosting weaker skills.