Design Solutions

Our Design Studies identify the business, performance and learning challenges facing an organization. Then we provide practical and detailed recommendations and experiential programs, including training simulation software, that lead to lasting results.

The three pillars of a Regis solution are: system dynamics, cognitive neuroscience, and human-centered design. Our design methodology is rooted in four design thinking principles that make our solutions experiential, relevant and user-centric.

Empathize with Multiple Users

Learning solutions often target one specific audience—but we know that it takes more than a narrow focus to design an effective program. In our experience, no matter how dynamic a potential solution is, if you can’t facilitate it, deploy it, or have internal resistance to it, it won’t work.

Focus on the Problem Before the Solution

Our methodology provides the space needed to examine a problem through multiple lenses, ensuring that we create an engaging performance solution with true business value.

Divergence Before Convergence

The Regis Company solutions are built to have a dramatic effect on the behavior of our clients’ teams and on the performance of our clients’ businesses. Our disciplined and thorough approach to generating, evaluating, and refining initial ideas results in rich, rigorous solutions that solve the right problems.

Co-Create to Enable Shared Vision

When geographically dispersed teams try to collaborate, achieving a shared understanding of outcomes and success criteria can be elusive. We believe that a deep commitment to co-creating solutions enables teams to understand problems and solutions in real time and avoid costly and frustrating misunderstandings.


Design Studies

Dianne Miller, Director of Design Services
Design Studies provide a deep understanding of the performance issues to be addressed and connect them to the critical business issues faced by the organization.