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Business problems are often more complicated than they appear – with financial, operational, market, and personnel factors at play. Before developing ‘the fix,’ The Regis Company brings design thinking to every challenge in order to thoroughly understand the problem, its impact, and the key stakeholders.

Our Four Rules for Design Thinking


Divergent Thinking

Problem Focus


Design Thinking at Work

Here’s how we applied creativity, compassion, and collaboration to redesign an employee orientation program for a large professional services firm.

The Problem

“Our current program doesn’t do a good job of ‘selling’ the organization to new joiners. We want people to understand the opportunities they have if they stay with us.”

“Our new employee orientation is completely dependent on the facilitator. When someone’s really dynamic, people are supercharged; other times, they’re just trying not to fall asleep.”

The Process

One of the most impactful activities in our design was a series of empathy interviews with employees. Answers to these questions illuminated the crux of the real problem:

  • What do you say when friends or family ask you what you do?
  • What did you have to learn the ‘hard way’ in your role?
  • How soon did you understand what it would take for you to succeed in your organization?

The Solution

Our client soon realized new hires were so focused on staffing and chargeability that they missed opportunities to create their own long-term success in the organization. As a result, the onboarding program focus changed from selling the benefits of the firm to better setting expectations for how new employees can create a niche, build a network, and discover ways to positively impact the business over time, instead of immediately chasing project work.

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