Human-Centered Design

Start with understanding people,

and you’ll end with an unexpectedly innovative and effective solution.

Like a tailor designing a shirt, or a woodworker building a chair, you wouldn’t create a training program without considering the humans intended to experience it. Using human-centered design, The Regis Company crafts learning experiences from the user’s perspective, carefully considering how each stakeholder group will interact and respond at each step of the journey.

Phases of Human-Centered Design


Using observation and empathy to identify patterns and deeply understand user groups.


Brainstorming ideas and converging on solutions that are effective and feasible.


Iterating, gathering feedback, and deploying a solution that’s easy, fun, and effective for all.

Be more human. Reap more rewards.

Human-centered design unlocks the users’ perspective to problems and experiences. The Regis Company uses this methodology with each tailored solution in order to uncover key pain points and focus resources in the right places to achieve your goals. Here’s how you benefit from our human-centered design approach:

  • When we get out from behind the desk to design your training program, the learning experience is more active, exciting, and focused around your unique circumstances.
  • Taking the human side of learning into account means that your solution content will be balanced between human and business skills, and your people will become well-rounded leaders.

Make learning more human to boost business outcomes.

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